Students who enroll at OSC will receive all books and material needed to complete their program. However, OSC maintains a library of supplemental resources for students who wish to expand their learning above and beyond the existing program they are enrolled in. Library resources are available to students of OSC Computer Training any time during regular business hours.

In addition, all students are encouraged to explore the resources of their local county libraries.

All students may view the OSC’s limited holdings by visiting the OSC Library Website.

How to Search for Titles

  • Visit the OSC Library WebsiteLibrary
  • In Search Catalog dialog box, begin typing a word in the Keyword box
  • Click on the Search button
  • Once you locate the item you want, send an email to and request the title you wish to check out. Alternatively, you may call the OSC Sacramento office to request the title.

Check-Out Process

On-Site Students may check out a book by presenting their Student ID card to the front desk.

Distant Students may check out the books by contacting OSC Sacramento Office. Distant students are responsible for all shipping costs of checking out and returning library resources.

Check-In Process

On-Site Students may return the books to the front desk at any time during business hours.

Distant Students will need to return books by mail at their own expense. Shipments must be postmarked no later than 3 weeks after they receive the book. Extensions may be granted if requested PRIOR to the due date.

All items must be returned to OSC prior to graduating in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Duration & Fees

All Books/material can be checked out for a 3-week period of time.

A $0.50/day fine is applied to any book that is not returned on time.