OSC Computer Training is the ideal source for recruiting temporary help or hiring your next employee. We have graduates who come prepared with classroom experiences and an OSC Certificate in their chosen postsecondary Career Program.

If you need assistance in your office, please download and complete the Extern Request Form and fax it to OSC at (916) 363-7432. We will respond to your request within 1 business day.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Obtain skilled labor at little or no cost *
  • No obligation to hire permanently
  • No obligation during probationary period for potential new employee
  • Students may have flexible hours to meet your needs

Benefits to the Student

  • Gain much needed skills and experience
  • Experience the “real” work environment
  • Receive valuable mentoring

Terms and Expectations

  • Externships may be paid or unpaid, negotiable between employer and student/graduate within State and Federal Law
  • Length of externship is to be mutually agreed upon by the student/graduate and you
  • Student Extern must be offered relevant and challenging work
  • Student Extern must be provided guidance in meeting professional office standards
  • Student Extern is provided an orientation on their first day to help them understand your business and their specific responsibilities
  • An update is provided to OSC on the student’s progress and/or any concerns, as appropriate

*  NOTE: State and Federal Labor Laws differ on rules governing internships/externships in for-profit, non-profit, and governmental agencies. OSC is not responsible for any legal actions brought about as a result of the employers lack of awareness or adherence to these State and Federal Laws. Employers must check with their HR representatives and/or attorney before asking students to serve in an unpaid externship.