OSC has two physical locations, one in Sacramento, and another in Stockton. When attending one of our physical locations is not practical, OSC also offers its programs to distant students across the State of California.

OSC is licensed by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to provide Distance Education. Accountability is our goal. We hold students accountable by interacting with them daily.

OSC’s Distant Learning option is NOT an online or Internet program!

The Internet is only used to:

  • Improve 1:1 instruction between Teacher & Student (Skype, Join.Me Technology)
  • Speed up turnaround time for returning graded papers, time-sheets and testing (email & HTML tests)

OSC’s Distant Learning is similar to an INTERACTIVE Correspondence course, meaning

  • Student is assigned a live instructor who is available real-time using SKYPE.
  • Student and Instructor meet via conference call daily at a prearranged time.
  • Student can send a text message or call their instructor (1-916-363-7058) at any time during school hours.
  • Student can share their screen, mouse & keyboard with the instructor to help improve the training interaction, real-time.
  • Student is given the exact same books and curriculum that an onsite student receives.
  • Student is given a syllabus with daily/weekly deliverables.
  • Student must commit to 4-6 hours daily, going thru the interactive lessons.
  • Student emails completed assignments to their instructor.
  • Student reports their daily “study hours” and associated course work weekly.

As with Onsite students, case managers/counselors of distant students still receive:

  • Monthly Progress Reports with Attendance/Accomplishments/Grades and Instructor comments (fax or email).
  • Immediate notification if Student’s weekly Timesheet is not received.
  • Immediate notification if student is not available for a second daily conference call or has general achievement concerns.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call OSC at (916) 363-7058.