As a Computer Service & Repair Technician you will obtain a certificate from CompTIA, the Information Technology Industry Association focused on advancing the Global IT Industry. With an A+ certification from CompTIA, you will be able to maintain, analyze and repair computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals. Computer Service & Repair (A+ Curriculum) program will give you the right skills to troubleshoot computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems and perform necessary upgrades and/or replace hardware and software to restore proper system functions.

Upon completion, you will be prepared to take the CompTIA A+ exam.

Class Duration / Hours
Certificate Program: 16 Weeks / 480 Hours
Classes begin every Monday
Flexible Class Schedules during Business Hours

Text Courses
CompTIA A+ & Lab

Course Topics
PC H/W, System S/W & Troubleshooting
System Board & Microprocessor
I/O Devices, Displays, Disk Drivers & Printers
Multimedia, Data Communications
Preventative Maintenance

H.S. Diploma, GED, or passing score on an Ability-to-Benefit Examination
Proficiency as a computer user