OSC Computer Training is a small, personable, private vocational school that has been in operation since 1987. We offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where our students can feel comfortable, so they can focus on learning new skills. It was originally started as a training facility to train industrially injured workers for a new vocation. The school has expanded its scope to accommodate the needs of ALL adults and has gained a reputation for providing high quality training and job placement assistance services.

Our Mission

To engage with the local community and businesses to provide quality, affordable education that prepares a student’s intellectual, analytical and critical abilities in Business, IT, Medical or Graphics professions as measured by standards set by qualified faculty with the objective to prepare students for a professional career and/or to fulfill their personal interests for lifelong learning.

Our Students include teens thru seniors and everyone in between, so you will fit in, no matter what!

Our Teachers are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in their fields, but most importantly, they are compassionate, caring and dedicated to help you succeed!

Our Contact Info Toll-Free (888) 672-4748 or info@oscct.com.